"Inspiring Butterflies
A 27-Day Course of Self Discovery"
Ginny Zaboronek and Marge Richards

Immerse yourself in the world of Inspiring Butterflies as you transform your daily life into positive physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.
Discover who you are at the core with a workbook that includes reflections, exercises, and assignments that guide you through 27 days and give you tools to look deeply into your authentic self. 

Bring the best parts of yourself into view by using 27 beautiful butterfly cards that resonate with specific color vibrations to balance and harmonize your Chakras. 
The initial days focus on physical and emotional needs, then 4 days of heart-centered activities, ending with 12 days on the metaphysical/spiritual realm.
By journey's end, new ways of living are firmly rooted, as all aspects of your true self are explored. Connect to your own personal journey in just 30 minutes a day to reinforce the positive in your psyche and transform yourself into the person who lives from the core of your soul. Be inspired!

A portion of the proceeds from each book sold are being donated to:
The Butterfly Artist

Charlotte Garrett is the artist for Inspiring Butterflies. Charlotte was born in East Africa and started painting as a young girl. Her primary medium is watercolor and she has also worked with acrylics on murals.  The subjects of her paintings include landscapes, nature close-ups, wildlife, coastal scenes, portraits, and pet portraits. She began showing her work publicly in 2003.  

You may reach Charlotte at www.garrettgallery.com